The DontTrust Object

Learn to create a validation object by combining multiple schemas

The DontTrust object allows you to combine multiple schemas as one to make validation easier.


First, import the classes

from donttrust import DontTrust, Schema

Then, create the object

trust = DontTrust(fieldname=Schema().whatever())

To validate,


The fieldname MUST be the same as defined above.

You can also use a dictionary:

print(trust.validate({"fieldname": "value"}))

Other methods for validation:

  • validate
  • validate_and_return_json_object
  • validate_without_exception


validate(dictionary OR **kwargs)

Validate a dictionary or key-word separated arguments. Raises exception if validation fails.

validate_and_return_json_object(dictionary OR **kwargs)

Same as validate, but returns a dictionary with {"error": error_message, "field": field_name} if validation fails and {"data": data} if it succeedes.

validate_without_exception(dictionary OR **kwargs)

Same as validate, but returns False instead of throwing errors.

Errors thrown

This object throws the donttrust.ValidationError if validation fails, unlike normal Schemas, which throw an instance of DontTrustBaseException.

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