Date Schema

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Date schema

Makes the schema have a value of a valid date. This date can be a timestamp, a datetime.datetime() object, or a valid ISO date string.

from donttrust import Schema

  # Exception raised
from donttrust.schema import DateSchema

  print(DateSchema("field").validate("2020-10-04"))  # datetime.datetime(2020, 10, 04)
  # No exception raised


This schema has all of the methods of the base Schema class, and these ones too:

min(date1) and max(date2)

Date has to be greater than date1 and/or less than date2.

date1 and date2 support the same values as the main DateSchema class, but with an additional value of today, which just infers to today's date.

from datetime import datetime
from donttrust.schema import DateSchema

print(DateSchema("DOB").min(datetime(1950, 1, 1)).max('today'))

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